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Large Group Tours

   We want our groups to relax and enjoy themselves while in Keokuk. This includes tour leaders and bus drivers!

   Simply pick your tour package from the four detailed below and we take care of the rest! Tour package prices are all inclusive. (Meal, taxes, tips, admission, guide fees and gift pack are included. Additional fees per person will be added if hotel rooms and/or 14 passenger shuttle bus are needed.). Payment can be made with one check made out to the Keokuk Area Convention & Tourism Bureau and they reimburse each attraction you visit. An itemized itinerary and/or price list is available upon request. Additionally, a guide will accompany your group throughout your excursion.

   Just select your tour package and a date you wish to visit and we handle the rest!

   With so much to offer and a commitment to providing educational and entertaining tour opportunities, we know you will have a great time in Keokuk, Iowa!

   Estimated time for each tour is 4 hours. Each tour can be customized to fit your specific needs and time schedule.

Tour 1: Architectural Tour

   Keokuk's charming Grand Avenue enjoys historic homes that are a mix of styles including Queen Anne, Revival and Greek Revival. The Grand Theatre is done in Art Deco style. It was built in 1924 and boasts of a gilded ceiling that reflects the light of three large chandeliers. It was praised as one of the finest theaters of its time. Lock and Dam #19 was the largest in the world when built in 1913. The 1200 foot long x 133 foot wide lock has a lift of over 38 feet and can empty in 9 1/4 minutes and fill in about 10 minutes. This awesome sight may be viewed from the Bridge Observation Deck followed by a stroll through Gateway Park. Weather permitting.

Cost: $16.50 per person (all inclusive)

Tour 2: Historical Tour

   Our small southeastern Iowa town is rich with culture and history. From its beginnings as "The Half Breed Tract" for Native American-White offspring to the home of Howard Hughes' family, Keokuk has seen many changes in its 175 years. This tour visits the George M. Verity River Museum (not available November thru March), the Miller House Museum along with a drive through Rand Park to view the statue of Chief Keokuk. Keokuk also is home to the Keokuk National Cemetery, one of the original fourteen national cemeteries officially established in 1862 and the only one in Iowa. A walk through the cemetery is also included in this tour.

Cost: $17.50 per person (all inclusive)

Tour 3: Geological Tour

   The geode is Iowa's state rock. They are known from many areas around the world, but the Keokuk region is one of the most productive and famous collecting areas. Travel to the Keokuk Water Works, where you will see geodes and fossils embedded into a 12 foot high portion of the 345 million year old Mississippian limestone bluff along one entire interior wall of the 300 ft long building. Exploring a local rock mine is also part of this tour. You can dig your own geodes or "hunt" for them in the shop. Tour price includes one souvenir geode. Either way, we hope that you take a piece of Keokuk home with you!

Cost: $15.50 per person (all inclusive)

Tour 4: Agricultural Tour

   Experience all that midwest farms have to offer! Visit the 150 year old Johnson Family Farm to see a working family farm operation. This is a walking tour through gardens, tractor, machinery and livestock barns. A picnic lunch is provided by the family along with a hayride!

Cost: $19.50 per person (all inclusive)

If you have any questions or would like a customized tour, contact
Kirk Brandenberger, Executive Director of the Keokuk Area Convention & Tourism Bureau.


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