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Geode Fest

The Keokuk Area Convention & Tourism Bureau
15th Annual Geode Fest and Rock Show
September 27, 28 & 29, 2019

Chaney Creek Boat Access, 1404 IL-96, Hamilton Illinois 62341

•  Guided Geode Hunts          •  Rocks, Minerals, Fossils & Jewelry Dealers          •  Geode Cracking          •  Geode Identification
 •  Food          •  Family Fun

3 days of geode hunting with experienced guides to some locations not normally hunted throughout the year!

Registration Cost is $15.00 per adult (16 years of age and older) and $5.00 per youth (15 years of age and younger)
for the entire weekend!

 Additional cost of $25.00 per 5-gallon buckets of collected geodes will be paid to the landowners)

To participate in this unique geode hunting experience, download and print the PRE-REGISTRATION FORM,
Fill it in and mail with the Registration Fees by September 15, 2019 to:
Keokuk Area Convention & Tourism Bureau
428 Main St., Keokuk Iowa  52632

Here's an in-depth look at the 2018 Geode Fest filmed and narrated by Randy McWilson
along with featured special guest, Bryan Major

Spread the word by downloading and handing out the 2019 Geode Flyer

The Geode Fest is sponsored by the Keokuk Area Convention & Tourism Bureau in cooperation with
the City of Keokuk Iowa, The Hamilton, Illinois Park District and the City of Hamilton, Illinois.